shark week

Saturday afternoon

Sitting down for a few minutes before I clean the toilet and sink. Feel like we've already got a lot accomplished already although there's always something else that has to get done. I sort of don't mind feeling busy and harried all the time, it kind of makes me feel like more of a grown up and also makes me appreciate my down time more, but it's also kind of exhausting. And we don't even have kids. Just the cats and bird and puppy, who is kind of like a kid I guess.

I have a ton of boxes to unpack still, and stuff to go through before I can really feel at home. The unpacking I don't mind, but I have to find a place to my stuff, which is challenging. This house is big, but I feel like all the space is spoken for already.
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icon meme

Hey, I did the pumpkin user icon meme! How special. You should all do it too, because I did (do you need any other reason?).

So, I think all you need to do is draw a little jack o'lantern face on your default user pic and keep in like that til Halloween. Go on and do it. It's okay.
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